ICE Bank

A robust financial platform that facilitates wealth creation and financial inclusion for different users across the globe.

My Role:

Product Design






JuliusFull Stack Developer

The Challenge

FinTech has redefined financial services through technology, speed, and simplifying transactions. It has led to the emergence of new business models, products and solutions that are reshaping financial services across the globe. It has influenced the approach of financial institutions to providing financial services. However, making cross-border transfers and investing in forex is still a bit complicated.

Key Problems to Solve

  • Access to invest in forex-backed securities and earn per minute
  • Provide basic financial service such as cross-border money transfer

The Solution

I designed a real-time portfolio management web-app with securities, currency trading and analysis functionality, international transfers and create foreign currency bank accounts . Provide users the ability to manage portfolio & preferences while integrating with external data providers and news feeds.

This design was selected to be featured in The Best Banking & Finance Designs by DesignRush, a platform known for promoting the best designs.

Next Project

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2022  |  Visual identity, webapp and website design