TempOwn is owned by Reeddi Technology an award-winning company led by Olugbenga Olubanjo. TempOwn is Africa's first fully-insured and secure go-to source for equipment rental solutions. It connects individuals, creatives, and project executives to thousands of equipment renting owners.

My Role:

Visual Identity.User Research.Product Design


2020 - 2022




Abayomi OlatunjiDeveloper

Abdulsamad AyoadeDeveloper


TemiQuality Assurance

Chukwuemeka ChukwudiBusiness

The Challenge

The rental business was supposed to be a simple concept: rent or lease out an asset for a fixed or recurring amount that customers will pay on schedule, right? But traditional rental seems more like a trade-by-barter approach whereby you have to keep searching for someone who owns an item you need and is willing to rent it out.

Key Problems to Solve

  • Connecting people with rental needs to lender.
  • Creating a rental experience that could optimize cost and safety

The Solution

I worked with a team of business developers, software developers, and researchers to create a platform that automates rental processes and makes them seamless and more secure. I designed mobile, and web app interface for the different types of users on the platform; borrower, lender, enterprise, agents, ambassadors, and Super Admin

Branding influenced by nature.

The main colour (Green) of TempOwn was adopted from the brand colours of Reeddi (The mother body). I expanded the colours by adding new ones. The choice of colours was influenced by TempOwn's goal of reducing emission by providing rental as an alternative. We proposed Matter for the brand font, for its modern and alluring feel and legibility.

Matter font family was used for this project.

Matter regular for body text and Matter Bold for headings


TempOwn Light Green


TempOwn Light Green


TempOwn Orange


Nature Green


TempOwn Black




Understanding user need and crafting strategy

Getting started, I asked my close friends what they feel about renting certain items and what they will make a platform that facilitates renting attractive to people between the ages of 16-65 years. This gave an insight into what people generally think about the TempOwn model.Afterward, I interviewed lenders and borrowers who were currently using the traditional rental process. A total of 20 people were interviewed (10 lenders, 10 borrowers). The interview was done via phone call. This took four days. Below is the summary of the interview.

Challenges faced by Lender and borrower using traditional rental model


It is difficult to validate the identity of people renting from us. We rely on words from people that know them.

15 out of 20 Lenders face this Challenge


Some borrowers damage the equipment when returning and it is hard to get damage fee from them.

8 out of 20 Lenders face this Challenge


Sometimes, it is difficult to get people to rent equipment.

12 out of 20 Lenders face this Challenge


Getting outstanding balance from borrower could be tedious with numerous followup.

9 out of 20 Lenders face this Challenge


Rental cost is high because there is no diverse options to choose from.

12 out of 20 Borrowers face this Challenge


Lenders give some weird attitudes because of lack of competition in the neighbourhood.

9 out of 20 Borrowers face this Challenge


Getting the exact item to rent is exhausting.

13 out of 20 Borrowers face this Challenge


Rental cost is high because there is no diverse options to choose from

12 out of 20 Borrowers face this Challenge

After analyzing the survey, I understand that beyond automating the rental process, there is a need for the product to address four key things with are; user verification, solving issues related to payment, ensuring that items are used and returned safely, and ease in matching a borrower with a lender. Though these processes seem tedious, I was able to simplify them with design without compromising every important legal and general requirements

Different users and their goals


Borrowers don't have the luxury of owning all the equipment and items they need but they want to do more. TempOwn bridges the accessibility gap by connecting them to their rental needs.


This category of users have awesome items and equipment to share with people around them. They want to reach more people, do it authentically and make money with no stress.


The ambassadors act as middlemen for the Reeddi capsule rental and they are ready to help the environment while also making money at it.

Easy, but secure onboarding

Looking at the level of risk involved in using platforms like TempOwn, a high level of user verification is required. However, it should be seamless. With approximately 4 clicks, a user can be onboarded and verified on TempOwn. We leverage the use of government-issued Identity cards and artificial intelligence to verify users. AI features would prevent the user from proceeding with registration until the right information is provided.

Making item search and rental easy for users.

Users can search for items, make payment and collect the whole rental process. The experience is seamless as users can search for items by location, category and using general search options. Users can check for availability of the item and make payment with just 4 clicks.

To complete the rental process, both borrower and user exchange an OTP and upload the picture of the item when picking up and delivering the item. This helps to easily address any dispute that can occur at any point in about the use and safety of the item.

To protect both parties against liability, a model of damage fee was introduced and the lender can decide to charge use damage fee which is paid before an item is given out or leverage on the insurance cover (TempOwn Protect) running on the platform which is charged for differently. All these were carefully taken care of using the use of design.

Seamless rental management experience for enterprise

Also, I design interfaces for enterprise users. A different interview was conducted for this and also the insights gathered were incorporated in the product. As enterprise users can manage multiple rental requests, manage assets, their finances, create vouchers and custom links.

The Outcome

TempOwn version 1.0 was successfully launched in 2021. There are currently about 300 users with over N6M in revenue generated. This is one of the most interesting products I have worked on. There are still some many improvements to be made and we are taking feedback from users on how to make the platform better.

Next Project

Providing product reviews for consumers

2022  |  Webapp design