Utiva is a technology workforce development company that helps people learn premium technology skills virtually and partners with companies to hire the best talents and invest in workforce development. Currently with learners from 19 countries, an ecosystem of over 90,000 talents, access to a 200+ faculty network, and robust curricula co-designed with business leaders, we are the leading tech-ed company for emerging economies.

My Role:

Visual Identity.User Research.Product Design


2019 - 2022




Abayomi OlatunjiDeveloper

Adeola OwoshoProgram Lead

Edwin UcheAcademy Director

The Challenge

Across Africa, young people lack the right skills and capabilities that leading employers are hiring for. Conventional universities fail in their capacity to develop young people to meet the human capital demands of the job market. According to the Future of Work report by Passion Incubator, 80% of business leaders find access to talent one of the major challenges of scaling fast-growing businesses.

The Solution

Utiva created a learning platform that leverages data to help accelerate the learning experience of learners. Its learning model is to use tech to reinforce learning, spot gaps through deep assessments, and also help create collaborative learning. The platform also provides the opportunity to work on multiple projects which have been co-created with top organizations.

a lady working on a laptop
a young man working on a laptop

Visual Identity and brand assets

I started out by making research on the logo pattern of top competitors and see how I can make Utiva’s more unique while still in alignment with the company’s overall goal which was digitally upskilling Nigeria’s talent. After a few researches, I presented my first set of logo ideas. The idea was to have an iconic wordmark logo with the letter U serving as icon/favicon. Everyone on the team fell in love with the logo at first sight.

Utiva logo
photo of two ladies discussing
Utiva training instructor

TT Firs Neue


Open Sans


Deep Blue


Light Yellow


Utiva Custard Yellow


Light Blue


Utiva Green


Light Green


mockup of utiva website on a smartphone

Understanding the user needs

I researched to understand potential users' pain point. The research was aimed at having a clear understanding of the problem Utiva is trying to solve from a user point of view. I worked closely with the program director in this process and he was instrumental in getting the desired result. The research was done with zoom, phone calls, and chats. After the research and brainstorming sessions, we were able to figure out what exactly the potential users need, and fortunately, they align with the overall objectives of the company. The solution end-to-end virtual environment that helps users access different digital and technical skills training programs in the form of cohort-based learning models.

members of the utiva team

Different users and their goals


Students who are not well equipped in their respective institutions use Utiva as a means of learning thereby placing and positioning themselves well in the job market.


The teachers or trainers are all about giving back to society while earning from the same. They make an impact through teaching the students and the process is seamless for them.

Super Admin

The super admin manages their operations in a seamless way as opposed to the conventional way of recruiting talents.

utiva trainees

A well detailed and structured website

Due to the nature of the industry Utiva is, potential learners and corporate partners tend to ask a lot of questions about the course they want to enrol in. The website was well structured and designed to provide as many useful information as possible with minimal need to make a contact. Different iterations were made as we experience evolution is the business and learning models over the past 2 years. Also, we constantly take feedbacks from learners on how to making their learning experience better.

utiva landing page
utiva landing page
utiva landing page
course info page
course info page
course info page
utiva impact page

Self-paced and serviced e-learning platform

The LMS was designed to automate all processes. Students are able to to pay for courses, join live class or watch pre-load videos, complete their assessments and get access to their certification after completing their courses without any form of human contact. I worked with the academic director and operations manager to understand the student learning flows.

utiva learning platform
utiva learning platform
utiva learning platform
utiva learning platform
utiva learning platform

Trainer's platform

We also design interface for trainers. This allows them manage the courses they are taking, give assessments, upload learning resouces, provide information about course, modify Also, I designed interfaces for trainers and admin to manage their different operations

trainer platform
trainer platform
trainer platform
trainer platform
trainer platform

The Outcome

Working on the Utiva project helped me understand why working with a team of people who are passionate about a dream that help fooster organization/personal growth and development. The Utiva project was also my start point to getting into the 'tech' space and I have been learning and growing since then. Thanks to Eyitayo Ogunmola for believing in me and giving the opportunity to use my skill.

Next Project

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